Business Directories and their advantages

What is the power of a local business directory for a small local business.

In my personal opinion there still are many small business owners that under estimate the power of the internet and all the possibilities of this medium

Specially the older generation business owners, who grew with newspaper and local radio are still not used to the ways they can use the internet to grow their businesses.

Look around on normal day and observe what most people do. Even older people.
They use their phones.!!!
What kind of use do they make of their mobile phones.

Most newer generation smart phones come with internet. And if the package is not on there, most of them can use a wireless network to get online.

I hate to say it, but I think that the use of newspaper as a advertising medium has had its time.
The new thing is internet and in a short time.
text messages.

Here is where the local business directory comes in place. People, I should actually say customers, Use their phone or home computer to find what they are looking for.Why?

  • It is instant
  • It is there 24/7
  • It is easy to use
  • It is affordable

So, why is it that so few local business owners make use of this media?

My business is listed on the Clarksville business directory under the retail and shopping category and I am sure that it will bring customers to my business.

I recommend you to do the same and make use of this new use of the internet for your business.

Eddie Vanholland


About eddievanholland

Just a guy who likes to write about thing I see, hear or think about.
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