best home defense weapon

Talking and reading about home defense always brings up the question what the best gun is.
In this post I am not going to give my personal opinion about the best gun for home defense. Although I have a gun I do not consider it to be my best <home defense product
A gun is, in my opinion the last line of defense. Before having to use that I want to have all the other possible lines of home defense up first.

House protection devices can be divided in three major subjects.

A thief will attempt to get inside your house:
1 unobserved
2 not being heard.

When we attempt to make this as tough as we can, the change of becoming burglarized are getting slimmer.
A burglary is most of the time a premeditated action, except when there is the opportunity like an unlocked car or window.
A burglar most of the time take their time to find the best place.
All we have to do is take away all the things they are looking for.
That brings us to stage 1 of a house defense strategy.
Subject one is the yard.

The first line of defense against a break-in is outside.
A building that you can not see because of a messy garden and a lot of trees and shrubs is what burglars like to see.
That means that our first line of defense possibly will be cleaning up our yard and keeping brushes cut .
By doing this you are raising the change of your house being erased of their listing of doable objects.

Subject  two is the doors and windows.
In Nearly all break ins some or a lot of force is being used.
To break into a home force have to be used to open, in most cases. either a door or a window.
This will always make more noise than they would like it to.

The not wanting to make noise element is the next line of defense.
If our house is well protected in means of windows and doors that are not simple to open.
Make sure that every one of your doors and windows are closed before you go away.

In the first part of this article I told there are three categories..
the first two can be used without hardly any out of pocket expenses.
Doing a little yard work and closing windows and doors are essentially free.

After talking about the first two we come to the 3rd category.

Home protection products is the 3rd line of security.
There are many home protection products available to protect our house against burglary.
One of the devices is external lightning.
Outside lightning offers us the option to make our house more visible and that is a first-class home protection product.
After all visibility is something a burglar does not like.

There are additional things we can do to protect our house.

Like I pointed out in subject two, the windows and doors are most of the time the way a burglar enters the house.
If we will secure all our windows and doors with things like:

We make it difficult for a intruder to enter our home with not being heard.
There are alarms available that will dial a pre set phone number after being activated.

Burglaries are more then merely loosing valuable items.
Being the target of a burglary means that someone have invaded the privacy of our home, by being inside without our permission.
People who have experienced a burglary think that it is one of the effects they hate most.

The first two categories can provide us with a protection against a break-in.
The use of any electronic or mechanized home protection product can take our defense plan to a higher level.
A reasonably priced window or door alarm can safe a lot of money in repairs, renew and even insurance premium.

So before trying to reach for my gun I make sure that I do everything else to prevent someone from entering my house.


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