metro air force dryer

metro dryer for your dog

There are a lot of people that use a normal “human” hair dryer for their dog
They probably do not realize that this can be real harmful for their dog.

A normal hairdryer works by the principal of hot air and a fan. The hot air blow dryer our hair and that works great on our hair.

A dryer that is developed for dog hair use a totally different principle. They use the warmed from the motor that is used for the airstream to heat up the air a little bit. And the airflow, that is a lot stronger than a normal hair dryer to force the water out of the fur of our dogs.

Great hair dryer for animalsThe Metro air force dryer is in my opinion one of the best on the market.

After reading tons of customer reviews on different sites I think it is safe for me to come to this conclusion.

Here you can have a look on how this dog loves to get his hair dried with this dryer.

this is just one of the many high quality hair dryers this company offers. There is a dryer for every possible situation and they are all very portable. I have read many reviews from professional groomers that take the Metro Air Force Dryer with them to their customers.

Don’t take any change of burning your dog or other pets with a human hair dryer that is way to hot for their skin and specially their ears. Use a dryer that is made for your dog its hair and fur.


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