Benefits Of An Infrared Gas Grill

The world of outdoor grilling has gone through some changes the last years. One of the changes with the most impact is in my opinion the rising use of the newer generation infrared grills for outdoor gas grills.

For a long time the use of infrared grills was only for restaurants because of the high price tag. Now the grill manufacturers, with the Char Broil company as the leader in this, has realized that this can open up a new market for the home grill users they are becoming more available for us backyard grillers.

The benefits of an infrared grill  are in my opinion that the heat is more evenly distributed over the grill grates. Although on my Char Broil grill2go X200 I still experience some hot spots. This can be because of the small size of the grill however.

The next benefit is the fact that flare ups are something of the past. Again on my portable Char Broil X200 I had a few flare ups but they did not require any action and died out very fast. The grease on the emitter can can still cause an occasional flare up.

One of the other benefits are the higher heat compared to a regular gas grill. The heat is also not of the same type. The heat from the emitter gives the infrared heat and from a normal gas grill the heat comes from the burner.

My experience is that the meat cooks faster and you have to pay attention to your cooking the first few times you use an infrared grill. I suggest the use of an handheld thermometer to check the internal temperature. Reason is that I thought the meat could not be done yet on the inside because of the shorter grill time. I thought  the outside was done and the inside still raw. To my surprise the internal temperature was good and the meat was done.

The first meat I cooked were a few hamburger. After-all there is no need to ruin an expensive steak when you test a grill for the first time. The grill marks we all like to see where great and the hamburgers were juicier then the ones I always cooked on my old grill.

Overall I recommend you to have a look at a infrared grills we reviewed on better grills and see if this could be your new grill.





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