Benefits Of Binaural Beats

The health benefits in using binaural beats are not medically proven but many people believe that they exist.
First we have to give a little explanation about what binaural beats are before we can discuss the benefits in relation to health.

Binaural beats are no beats like on a drum but the word beats is related to a music tone.
There are two tones that are real close to each other and are just separated a few Hz from each other.

picture of how binaural beats work

These two tones have to be introduced separate in the left and the right ear.
What happens after that is one of the strange things our brain does and we do not fully understand.
The brain makes a third tone by combining the two tones we mentioned and in that way it sounds like one tone in our ears.

Why the brain is doing this is not known, but there are several things we can do with it.
It is proven that by changing the Hz of the two tones our brain reacts different.
By doing this we can can get more active or alert and on the other side by changing the tones we can get more relaxed.

Many people use binaural beats for different reasons and claim that they work.
This is what the benefits of binaural beats are according to them:
Some of the things are

  • staying more focused
  • getting more relaxed
  • getting better sleep
  • Help to study better

There are people who use the binaural beats for a better meditation and get their brain to stay more focused on the meditation.
The use of binaural beats can be used for many health related problems according to the latest studies.
Problems like: headaches, stress. anxiety, relaxation, better sleep and some even mentioned weight loss

There is one thing about binaural beats that you have to know. You need headphones or earbuds to use binaural beats.
You could put one of you speakers on the left and one on the right but this does not work to well because there is not enough separation of the tones in your left and right ear.

headphone stand for your binaural beats headphones

If you would like to read more about what the best headphones for binaural beats are I have found a blog post on a site called ring the bells of peace and here is the link to the post about headphones for binaural beats:

What they suggest is to use headphones that have the studio quality for the best result and earbuds that are of a high quality.
Cheaper headphones or earbuds might let in surrounding sounds and or let our noise to your surroundings and disturb you and or other people by doing this.

If you are all by yourself there is no problem of course and you can use a lower quality headphone or earbud.

For sleeping while listening to these beats you need a different headphone that does not bother you.
Since we all sleep in a different position it is hard to give advice on headphones for sleeping.
I think that you can use the same ones you use for running or jogging since they are also comfortable to wear.

if you have any ideas about headphones to use for binaural beats let us know in the comment section below.


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